05 October 2018 (Fri 11am)


We're doing another stripped down session at Society of the Golden Slippers on the 15th. Here's us at Matters of Vinyl Importance last Friday, beautifully captured by Kate Eeles :)

28 September 2018 (Fri 9am)


TONIGHT! Completely acoustic and unplugged gig at Matters of Vinyl Importance with support from Chesca Dolecka. Wanna hear more? See you later ;)

10 September 2018 (Mon 2pm)


What a pleasure playing ONBlackheath mainstage over the weekend :) Thank you for having us! Our next gig is at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden with Woodburner on the 18th! Who's comin'?

Pics by Kate Eeles

03 September 2018 (Mon 9am)


If you missed our session on BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends, you can listen here! A great host and guests, so listen through, but if you wanna skip to our bit it's at around 30mins into the show :)

Photo by Kate Eeles

31 August 2018 (Fri 4pm)


A great morning spent at BBC Broadcasting House. Our performance of Rapunzel airs on #BBCLooseEnds tomorrow evening on Radio 4 at 18:00 UK time. Cool to meet Anna Calvi who borrowed a pick from us for her performance on #BBCWomansHour (special guest photographer Kate was there to document the day for us too!)

28 August 2018 (Tue 7pm)


Times and lineup have been announced :)

14 August 2018 (Tue 1pm)


Hey! Its my turn to DJ for you!

Slip ahem 'seamlessly' from Kate Bush to Bruce Springsteen via the Zodiacs with me!

I dare you!
Cara xxx

06 August 2018 (Mon 12pm)


We're taking it in turns to DJ virtually for you! So much music that inspires and influences us :)

01 August 2018 (Wed 1pm)


Photo by Dror Shohet

01 August 2018 (Wed 12pm)


40 days to go until we're on the main stage at ONBlackheath Festival 2018! Who's going? :)

Photo by Dror Shohet

30 July 2018 (Mon 8pm)


We are sad to announce that Marine babe Ruby has decided to leave the sea to pursue her other dreams. You can follow her new adventures on !

A new chapter to the storybook... One that we were not expecting but one that is becoming exciting with new pedals, sounds and experimentation.

We love making our music so we have decided to continue! We are looking forward to seeing you all and finally touring our Debut Album. Lots of love Marine. X x

18 July 2018 (Wed 1pm)


summer in the city

05 June 2018 (Tue 1pm)


See you tomorrow east London!

04 June 2018 (Mon 11am)


Early bird tickets to Wednesday's show are sold out, but there are still limited advance tickets left! The Life and Death + very special guests.

11 May 2018 (Fri 12pm)


Brighton you beautiful thing you!

We are so psyched to see you again!
✳️ Cafe Plenty Brighton ✳️ 8.30pm ✳️ THIS FRIDAY! ✳️

We'll be swaying n' swooning n' crooning our sea monster songs out over the ocean!

Much love,
The Marines xxx

25 April 2018 (Wed 2pm)


“Fable Electric is an album quite unlike anything you’ve heard this year.”

21 April 2018 (Sat 11am)


04 April 2018 (Wed 2pm)


Here's a little chat we had with Stereoboard, if you want some further insight into Fable Electric, give it a read ;)

02 April 2018 (Mon 1pm)


"Fable Electric is very much a rock record with deft touches, not an indie record (whatever that could possibly mean today) with rock flourishes. Songs like "Sirens" and "Kraken" start off slow and sultry, the better to draw you onto those unforgiving cliffs when the waves of bass and cymbals crash. The earth itself is a constant source of wonder here, as powerful as any mythical beast; often the two are inseparable."

Thanks for listening and writing about our debut Matthew at DrunkenWerewolf.

30 March 2018 (Fri 12pm)


WOW! Thank you for coming and helping us have a blast at Rough Trade East on Wednesday... the audience/band synergy was magical. A huge part in our live sound is played by our audio guru Moshik Kop, THANK YOU!

Here's a little clip of our next single, Big Dog, filmed by Dror Shohet

Our next gig is next Friday: Life Models, Marine, Hotel at Aces & Eights

Massive love, thank you all.

Marine x

28 March 2018 (Wed 12pm)


TONIGHT we're playing some songs from Fable Electric, LIVE! We're on at the oh-so-reasonable-time of 19:30 :) | Rough Trade Recommends: Olden Yolk, Meggie Brown & Marine |

Drawing by Ben Connors while we were performing Aesop at Soho Radio via The Vinyl Factory

27 March 2018 (Tue 12pm)


Thank you for listening and writing these lovely words guteshoerenistwichtig :) (scroll a bit for the English translation!)

26 March 2018 (Mon 11am)


Tune into Soho Radio this lunch time, where we're be talking to Anton Spice, playing some stripped back versions of songs from the album as well as spinning some of our favourite and inspirational tunes! That's TODAY @ 2-3pm (BST) :)

pic by Bex Wade Photography

25 March 2018 (Sun 4pm)


Our friend and awesome producer (with whom we had the honour of working with a couple of years ago) also released his first solo album on Friday! :) CONGRATS Gordon Raphael xx

24 March 2018 (Sat 12pm)


Here's some nice words about "Fable Electric" :) Thank you Ellen Peirson-Hagger Crack Magazine :)

23 March 2018 (Fri 9am)


Our debut album is out TODAY! It's official! It's on vinyl (and digital) via all your usual outlets... We are so excited to share this with you! Enjoy :)

22 March 2018 (Thu 1pm)


Our album is cooked up real nice and nearly ready to serve!!

Thanks to all you mystical creatures out there, who have supported, helped, shared, listened & danced to our music!
You give us a reason to make it.

It is a privelege to do so for you!
Until tomorrow :)

21 March 2018 (Wed 2pm)



Is anyone here good at maths? shhhhhhh... :)
The countdown continues!

We love you!
x x x

20 March 2018 (Tue 2pm)


in case you weren't sure if this was gonna be happening every day...IT IS! :)

4 DAYS til our record released into the universe!! xxx

19 March 2018 (Mon 4pm)


Oh my good gosh

OUR album is gonna be in YOUR ears in 5 DAYS time!
It's been a helluva ride getting to this point!

We cannot wait to share it with you!!!
Love, Marine! xxx

17 March 2018 (Sat 12pm)


"The quartet’s off-kilter rock is even more immersive in the flesh – a bewitching and visceral noise that’s part Warpaint, part Wild Beasts, part PJ Harvey. Theatrical vocals, chiming guitars and an intricate backdrop of bass and beat interlock on songs from their forthcoming debut album ‘Fable Electric’, which makes for a spellbinding stint." Thanks HIDDEN HERD :)

16 March 2018 (Fri 12pm)


ONE WEEK! You can get your hands on one of these from next Friday!

13 March 2018 (Tue 11am)


10 days until the release of "Fable Electric" on VINYL!
(and also available through all the usual digital outlets)

Check out link in comments :)

04 February 2018 (Sun 12pm)


As featured on the The Vinyl Factory piece this week, here's [just] a few of our musical influences! Happy Sunday listening x

31 January 2018 (Wed 12pm)


Thank you Myles and Billy for spinning Sirens! Hilarious show, and you can hear us at 1:43.

29 January 2018 (Mon 12pm)


In the lead up to our debut album release, we had a little chat with the lovely folks at The Vinyl Factory​ who we are releasing "Fable Electric" with!

26 January 2018 (Fri 12pm)


✴ The Second single from our Debut Album is OUT TODAY! ✴

Huge thanks to Clash Magazine for the premiere and kind words! - we're beaming ❤

24 January 2018 (Wed 5pm)


The only nasty I like is a nasty groove

22 January 2018 (Mon 12pm)


Behind the scenes on our debut album... This copicat tape echo turned out to be quite a big feature on the album! Cara now replicates the audio delights with her "special" pedal onstage... Listen out for it on the record :)

17 January 2018 (Wed 12pm)


Behind the scenes of recording our debut album... When we take a break, we sometimes just pick up each other's instruments ;)

Pic by Grand Chapel Studios

29 December 2017 (Fri 12pm)


Can't wait to see this printed on the cover of our record! Cara has been painting for Marine's covers since the start, and soon to be seen in full size :)

27 December 2017 (Wed 6pm)


23 December 2017 (Sat 10am)


"London quartet, Marine just released a new single entitled, Mount Olympus and after one pass, I’m hooked. Hypnotic and pulsive, the drumming and other deeply-rooted rhythm tracks make Mount Olympus’ groove, infectious and worthy of removing your hands from your keyboard/phone/steering wheel for one of those, devoted listens." :D Thank you For The Love Of Bands

22 December 2017 (Fri 1pm)


20 December 2017 (Wed 1pm)


Can't wait? You can pre-order our album (vinyl!) now :)

18 December 2017 (Mon 1pm)


CHECK, IT, OUT! First single from our debut album is OUT NOW! You can buy and listen to it on all digital outlets :) Spread the love and blast it through your speakers!

22 November 2017 (Wed 1pm)


Test pressings of the record arrived and we're preeettttyyy pretty excited! :) #vinyl

20 November 2017 (Mon 1pm)


Next gig / DeLooze 'Japan to Jam' Ep Launch

Photo by Friends Serene from our gig earlier this month supporting the awesome Bat and Ball.

18 November 2017 (Sat 10am)


Can't get enough of this recording this week... Have a good weekend :) Beth

16 November 2017 (Thu 11am)


(AHEM... drum roll please!)

We are very excited to announce that we’ve signed with the oh so cool chaps over at The Vinyl Factory! The album is due to be released in February 2018, on vinyl as well as digital, with singles coming much sooner...

Stay, tuned!

Pic by Bex Wade Photography

14 November 2017 (Tue 12pm)


Visual research to aid the audio sculptures we have created. Ruby x

13 November 2017 (Mon 8pm)


We look forward to supporting DeLooze next month!

08 November 2017 (Wed 11am)


Tonight's the night! Free gig with this lovely lot, in East London x

07 November 2017 (Tue 12pm)


greedy greedy ears for this witchy witchy track..cooler than the hinges of hell! Cseb x

06 November 2017 (Mon 2pm)


Mr Onyeabor warming up my Monday with his Atomic Bomb! GIG WEDNESDAY CHAPS! See last posts for deets innit. Rubyyy x

31 October 2017 (Tue 6pm)


Happy all hallow's eve kids! xxx

12 October 2017 (Thu 1pm)


What a great night we had supporting The Life and Death at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club! Special thanks to our soundman extraordinaire Moshik NXNE Studios :)

Our next show is November 8th, playing with our lovely friends Bat and Ball at the The Shacklewell Arms... Put it in the diary Londoners, and see you there

// Friends Serene: Bat & Ball / Marine / Drug Store Romeos //

09 October 2017 (Mon 2pm)


Looking forward to playing this Wednesday! Come sway with us x

09 September 2017 (Sat 9am)


We're playing OnBlackheath today! Onstage 13:50. :)

Thanks to National Service for having us last night and big congrats to them on their awesome new single, check it out!

04 September 2017 (Mon 12pm)


This is happening on Friday! What better way to start your weekend? :) National Service / Marine / Orchid | Camden Assembly

31 August 2017 (Thu 12pm)


We are playing with The Life and Death + special guests on October 11th at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club! :D

Tickets are available here:

28 August 2017 (Mon 9am)


We had a blast last night in Brighton!

Playing Woodburner in Dalston (London) tomorrow...

19 August 2017 (Sat 10am)


It's nearly time for OnBlackheath ! Who's coming?

04 August 2017 (Fri 4pm)


We are excited to be playing with National Service in London next month!!!

Tickets are a bargain £5 and can be found on or :)

26 July 2017 (Wed 3pm)


Psyched to be playing Fiddlers Street Festival 2017 at Fiddler's Elbow Brighton and the end of summer!

13 July 2017 (Thu 11am)


♫ ♪ cseb is ready! ♪ ♫

see you tonight! xxx

10 July 2017 (Mon 9am)


THIS THURSDAY! Come on down to The Victoria in Dalston and catch us play! Support from the very fabulous Life Models

08 July 2017 (Sat 10am)


Aaaaaaarh! Ahoy! We mermaids be playing on Tursday! Yer have to come and have a grog with yer hearties.

06 July 2017 (Thu 4pm)


GUYS! One week from today we'll party like there's no tomorrow. We can't wait to see you at our gig at The Victoria! Kaja is ready...

05 July 2017 (Wed 5pm)


Our great great mates are supporting us next Thursday at our gig in Dalston! Don't let this rare team up slip through your fingerrrrrs

L I F E M O D E L S 4 E V A !

28 June 2017 (Wed 10am)



21 June 2017 (Wed 10am)


♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♬
We are very excited to announce we'll be headlining at The Victoria next month on July 13th, bringing you an exclusive headline show for this summer!

We'll be joined by our bessie mates LIFE MODELS for the perfect team up!

Tickets will be available on the door: £7 (£5 concessions)
Bring your loved ones & your slinkiest moves! xxx
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

20 June 2017 (Tue 1pm)


26 degrees C aka Cara

19 June 2017 (Mon 3pm)


Exciting announcement coming up this week, stay tuned x

20 May 2017 (Sat 9am)


15 May 2017 (Mon 12pm)


We're in Brighton this weekend playing the Alternative Escape: Cafe Plenty / Back in the Woods Promotions! :) SATURDAY 20th @ 14:30.

05 May 2017 (Fri 12pm)


Love Grizzly Bear's new song! Bx

04 May 2017 (Thu 9am)


We're playing On Blackheath 2017 :)

28 April 2017 (Fri 1pm)


Here's some music that we've been listening to lately, enjoy the weekend! :)

Includes songs from some of our faves Peluché, Bat and Ball, HUNCK, No Clear Mind, Sarah Jaffe, Anderson .Paak and many more!

27 April 2017 (Thu 2pm)


Pleased to announce we'll be joining some awesome bands and artists at On Blackheath 2017... Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 9am!

19 April 2017 (Wed 10am)


How wonderful to see and hear awesome people continuing to make awesome music :) We here at Marine HQ are huge Sarah Jaffe fans and loved opening for her and hanging out late last year... x

18 April 2017 (Tue 2pm)


We look forward to playing this on May 20th! :)

06 April 2017 (Thu 11am)


Can't wait to play Kitsune LIVE for you tomorrow night at Paper Dress Vintage... also playing w/ Muertos, Marine, Bat & Ball, National Service!!! Spring is in the city :)

29 March 2017 (Wed 6pm)

Facebook photo

TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT! Come catch Cara + Ruby playing for the wonderful Communion at Birthdays in Dalston. FREE ENTRY. Support from the wonderful Nepo + Temko & RHAIN. Music starts at 830 on the dot! xx

28 March 2017 (Tue 7pm)

Facebook photo

Tomorrow night! Cara and Ruby will be playing a chilled out marine themed dream at Birthdays, for Communion. Support from RHAIN and Nepo+Temko !! x

27 March 2017 (Mon 9pm)

Facebook photo

Hey maweeenys. We're playing a special duo gig THIS Wednesday at one of our favourite haunts - Birthdays! Come hang out in Dalston with Ruby + Cara and listen to some super chill versions of all your favourite marine fables x

21 March 2017 (Tue 6pm)

Facebook photo

Hey Mermaids! We've just added a date to our gigging calendar.. with Communion! Cara and Ruby will be playing a duo show next Wednesday 29th at Birthdays. Our next full band shebang will be on April 7th at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney x

19 March 2017 (Sun 11am)

Facebook photo

Tonight's gig at the Green Note is SOLD OUT and we have merch for sale! Cara has printed some of her beautiful paintings onto T-Shirts and totes, and I've made a whole new range of Ruby Jack Jewellery for MARINE! We'll also have Cara's beautiful lyric sheets available + our EP's! Ruby x

13 March 2017 (Mon 1pm)

Facebook video

Returning to your screens with this Buffy the Vampire Slayer edit of our extremely enjoyable collaboration with slinky dance magician Holly France. Gigs, new songs, and announcements all coming your way...WE MISSED YOU!

For now, we give you Red Fruit LIVE AT THE BRONZE...uh I mean Servant Jazz Quarters :)

16 January 2017 (Mon 4pm)

Facebook photo

Photos by Bex Wade Photography (collage by Cara).

03 January 2017 (Tue 1pm)

Facebook status

Happy New Year! Thanks for this DrunkenWerewolf :)

02 December 2016 (Fri 1pm)

Facebook link

Well compiled, if we say so ourselves... Thanks Too Many Blogs

01 December 2016 (Thu 12pm)

Facebook video

How nice, thank you for the feature Guitar Quarterly Magazine :)

30 November 2016 (Wed 3pm)

Facebook link

"A storm-tossed drama lit by a full moon, a distant lighthouse and the kind influence of Jeff Buckley"

27 November 2016 (Sun 3pm)

Facebook link

Northern Transmissions spreading the Red Fruit love!

26 November 2016 (Sat 11am)

Facebook link

Thanks for listening and sharing James at Too Many Blogs :)

25 November 2016 (Fri 2pm)

Facebook status

Some nice words from Melographic!

25 November 2016 (Fri 10am)

Facebook photo

We're looking forward to playing with Bat and Ball tonight at The Lexington!

Photo by Bojan Brbora

24 November 2016 (Thu 7pm)

Facebook link

Here's an interview we did with For The Rabbits!
A little window into our thoughts! Hope you enjoy reading them :)

24 November 2016 (Thu 4pm)

Facebook status

Here's a little interview we did with For The Rabbits.
Last gig of the year, tomorrow... Bat and Ball live at The Lexington!

24 November 2016 (Thu 12pm)

Facebook link

"Marine spin your favourite fairy tail into a dreamy yet grungy new number on their latest single 'Red Fruit.'" :) Thank you Samantha O'Connor at The 405!

23 November 2016 (Wed 7pm)

Facebook link

Hype Machine played Marine today! #hypemachine

23 November 2016 (Wed 2pm)

Facebook link

"When Marine described themselves as Fable Electric they hit the nail through the wood, with such potential, class and individuality Marine could find themselves inspiring and birthing new talent even at this stage". Thank you Jamie Music News :)

23 November 2016 (Wed 10am)

Facebook link

Our last gig of the year (and for a little while) is coming up this Friday... We are excited to be opening for Bat and Ball live at The Lexington.

Also, we have a new website! Check it out :) HUGE thanks to the awesome guys Kevin and Toby at Really Quite Something ( Also, BIG thanks to Phil Karg for setting up our domain name! We are surrounded by such talented people, we are truly lucky mermaids!

22 November 2016 (Tue 4pm)

Facebook link

Red fruit's gunna be on the radio! Tune in at 8pm tonight to hear some love for our new single!

22 November 2016 (Tue 3pm)

Facebook photo

Thank you so much to everyone for coming down last night! Holly France dancing to Red Fruit whilst we played, made for a truly momentous occasion! Huge Thanks to Nocturne and Holly (who were both sublime!) and Hip Hip Hooray for Red Fruit! x MARINE x Photo by Bojan Brbora

21 November 2016 (Mon 3pm)

Facebook video

Presenting Red Fruit by Marine
Our brand new single is out TODAY to hear and buy!
A love song inspired by Snow White about believing in things without proof.

Thankyou to all of you for listening and supporting 4 mermaids with a dream :) Hope you enjoy the track.
Much love! Cara, Kaja, Ruby and Beth xxx

21 November 2016 (Mon 12pm)

Facebook photo

RED FRUIT IS OUT TODAY! Zoom! Come celebrate with us and the wonderful Nocturne TONIGHT at The Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston:

You can buy our new shiny red single here!

18 November 2016 (Fri 11am)

Facebook photo

West country we are heading your way! yeeow!
Our 'two-step' tour starts this weekend!
Sat Nov 19 / The Nest, Bath
Sun Nov 20 / The Prince Albert , Stroud
Mon Nov 21 / Servant Jazz Quarters, London

Love, your partners in brine, Marine.

17 November 2016 (Thu 1pm)

Facebook photo

Getcho 6 Early Bird Tickets Here!
We can't wait to seeeee yooooou!

16 November 2016 (Wed 2pm)

Facebook photo

D e l e t e d T r a p e z e S c e n e s ! :/

16 November 2016 (Wed 1pm)

Facebook photo

D e l e t e d S c e n e s ;)

15 November 2016 (Tue 2pm)

Facebook photo

ever wondered if the filming of Rapunzel was really easy and chilled out? well, wonder no longer! At times it was kinda DIABOLICAL!

B e h i n d T h e S c e n e s :)

11 November 2016 (Fri 6pm)

Facebook photo

Come and discover Marine's Fable Electric sound at Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston on MON NOV 21ST
Celebrating their new single 'Red Fruit' - a love song. Recorded by the one, the only Gordon Raphael (The Strokes / Regina Spektor).

Get your tickets at:

10 November 2016 (Thu 2pm)

Facebook link

Hope this serves as some kind of antidote for the latest political disaster. The folks at The Digital Fix asked us about our favourite fables inspired tunes... Here are some!

08 November 2016 (Tue 2pm)

Facebook link

Check this out! We were invited to chat on Resonance 104.4fm last week by Cheri Amour (deputy of The Girls Are...) on her show "The Other Woman". Our lovely Cara represented the crew in an awesome interview that you can listen to NOW. (Just after 16mins into the broadcast, though we do recommend you listen to the whole show)

08 November 2016 (Tue 1pm)

Facebook photo

Y'all! We got summet new for ya! We made some musical juicy fruits with Gordon Raphael a while back and we're about to feast on it.. and you're invited to bring a plate! Red Fruit is released on Nov 21st ///// it's almost time to celebrate (with you!) at The Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston! Zoom! x

07 November 2016 (Mon 2pm)

Facebook photo

Thanks to all, again, who came to our video launch at MOTH CLUB last month! Next big gig and Single Release Party is very soon... 21/11 at Servant Jazz Quarters!

Here are some lovely photos by Bex Wade Photography from the Rapunzel night, in our glittery outfits with The Wharves and Peluch!

06 November 2016 (Sun 2pm)

Facebook photo

We had so much fun at Sofar sounds last week! Lovely photies from the very talented Quet Zal x

31 October 2016 (Mon 4pm)

Facebook video

It's been three weeks since Rapunzel hit the web and blogosphere! We have a brand new single coming out on 21st November... Until then, here's some hair...

26 October 2016 (Wed 10am)

Facebook link

We are playing Sofar Sounds London this Saturday at a secret location in E. London! We'll be playing a practically-unplugged set and have a pair of tickets to giveaway! For your chance to win, follow the link, quick! :)

22 October 2016 (Sat 9am)

Facebook link

Check out the awesome new (and aquatically themed) song from our friends Peluch! It was premiered on The Line Of Best Fit and we can't wait to hear the whole EP!

21 October 2016 (Fri 10pm)

Facebook photo

Rapunzel lives on, interpreted as a graphic score. A sort of musical map or alternative notation. Cats cradle hand shapes weave the twinned guitar lines, dots and glitches cut the clockwork drum pattern and skeletal pipelines scout the course of the bass. Score by Ruby x

20 October 2016 (Thu 9pm)

Facebook video

#Wish it was the launch night all over again! xxx

19 October 2016 (Wed 3pm)

Facebook link

Aw shucks.. Thanks She Makes Music !

19 October 2016 (Wed 12pm)

Facebook link

Oh My Goodness! Thank you to EVERYONE who made it to our video party on Monday! It was so special and we are still getting the glitter out of our ears! Rapunzel continues to make waves in the blogosphere.. if you still haven't checked her out.. Do so now! Her video link is inside this lovely little review! xxx

17 October 2016 (Mon 10am)

Facebook photo

Tonight tonight tonight! We play MOTH CLUB in Hackney and it's freeee and we get to hang out with The Wharves aaaand Peluch . Both of whom we love and who will be making some sweet sweet music right in front of your faces! Come see our Rapunzel screening and come rock out! Big love to the Marwood for Saturdays gig in Brighton (Photo by Bex Wade).. Bring on tonight! Maweeeeeen! x PS Wooonderful photography by Bex Wade Photography

16 October 2016 (Sun 7pm)

Facebook photo

16 October 2016 (Sun 12pm)

Facebook link

Rapunzel the video is continuing to cook up a storm! Check her plaited wisdom out, via the very wonderful Safe Tapes Blog. It hosts a lovely little review too!

16 October 2016 (Sun 10am)

Facebook photo

There's no longer a gig today at Crouch End Library.

But tomorrow we celebrate the release of the Rapunzel video with a very special screening and gig at MOTH CLUB ... Will we be wearing these outfits on Monday?! You'll have to see for yourselves.

15 October 2016 (Sat 5pm)

Facebook photo

On route to Brighton to play the lovely Marwood Coffeshop. Last night's gig at Orbital Comics in Soho was really special- thanks for making us feel so welcome and thank you to everyone who came along, including our dear friend Gordon Raphael. BRIGHTON peeps, see you at 9pm! Photo by Bex Wade

15 October 2016 (Sat 10am)

Facebook photo


14 October 2016 (Fri 10am)

Facebook photo

Come to a gig in a comic book store you say? How very great! See you at Orbital Comics in Soho, this very eve x

13 October 2016 (Thu 7pm)

Facebook link

More love for our Fairytale hair sculpture! Thanks Circuit Sweet! x

13 October 2016 (Thu 3pm)

Facebook link

have we ever told you about our friends Peluch? They are magnificent!
This recording in particular gives us chills - the great kind
We are honoured they will be DJing for our launch on Monday

12 October 2016 (Wed 6pm)

Facebook photo

5 DAYS 'til we see you at the

12 October 2016 (Wed 1pm)

Facebook link

Rapunzel made it in to The 405! Zoom! If you haven't already checked out the video.. click through for Golden Cabbages and Spice Girl Dance Routines! x

10 October 2016 (Mon 4pm)

Facebook link

LET US INTRODUCE TO YOU....RAPUNZEL!: Thankyou so much to Clash for premiering our video and making us track of the day!

We are extremely proud and thrilled to be able to share our first official video with you! Please click things, share things, watch and tell people about it. it contains much hard work and fun. We hope you can all join us for the wrap party at MOTH CLUB on Mon Oct 17! (next week)

HUMUNGOUS thanks go to all those who made it with us, and to all of you for giving us a reason to make it! We u!


10 October 2016 (Mon 3pm)

Facebook photo

Ever wondered what happened to all the dance routine videos?
Well you're about to find out TODAY!
Stay tuned sea life fans!
We are so gosh darned excited to share this with you! xxx

10 October 2016 (Mon 12pm)

Facebook video

We partners in brine are so excited and privileged that this brilliant band are supporting us next week at our launch!
We heart you The Wharves!
Check out their new single waaaaa! xxx

07 October 2016 (Fri 4pm)

Facebook photo

Day 2 of #StorybookTour tonight at The Big Green Bookshop! FREE and BYO ;) Come and indulge in stories, books and music...

Here's an awesome shot from talented Bex Wade from our first gig of the tour, on Word On The Water - The London Bookbarge from Sunday.

04 October 2016 (Tue 3pm)

Facebook photo

limited edition merch coming your way soooooooon!

01 October 2016 (Sat 10am)

Facebook photo

So lovely to receive good support from you all already! Here's an updated poster (posters designed by Cara). Word On The Water - The London Bookbarge will be at Kings Cross (just off Granary Square). :)

29 September 2016 (Thu 10am)

Facebook photo

When we started we based our writing conceptually to trace the supposed 'seven roots of all stories', our growing fascination with fables, myths and legends has shaped our 2 albums worth of songs so far! Our love affair with storybooks and our growing reluctance to join this digital era have led us back to book shelves where we will be performing through October.

Performing stripped back gigs, and giving lyric readings surrounded by stories in Libraries, Comic Shops, Bookshops and even Narrowboats..

27 September 2016 (Tue 10am)

Facebook photo

Marine are crazy excited to introduce to you their first official Music Video 'Rapunzel' - a story about liberating yourself from repetition! Our little homage to magic, independence, and the original story of Rapunzel who started her life as a humble enchanted lettuce...

26 September 2016 (Mon 2pm)

Facebook photo the date marine biologists! :)
***MON OCTOBER 17***

23 September 2016 (Fri 4pm)

Facebook video

Here's a glimpse of our gig earlier this month...

22 September 2016 (Thu 3pm)

Facebook video

Plug in your headphones and enjoy some new Warpaint (while we prepare some new Marine).

15 September 2016 (Thu 12pm)

Facebook video

20 years ago today "In A Bar Under The Sea" was released! Stef Kamil Carlens has been a huge influence on my bass playing and melodies 3 . Beth

14 September 2016 (Wed 12pm)

Facebook link

Want more Marine photos? Follow us on instagram...

09 September 2016 (Fri 1pm)

Facebook photo

Photo by Colin Hart Photography from Communion Music on Sunday.

05 September 2016 (Mon 12pm)

Facebook video

#Video Cheeky! Badass Screamin Alien Mermaids! Thanks to Communion Music for having us and thanks to Philipp Karg for this little Gem. We rocked out! x

03 September 2016 (Sat 6pm)

Facebook photo

Tomorrow we play Notting Hill Arts Club for the Oh. So. Aweseome. Communion Music. Doors 6pm!

31 August 2016 (Wed 1pm)

Facebook photo

Lileth, meet the merpeeps, merpeeps, meet Lilleth. This incarnation of Lileth was sculpted by the artist Octoplum and I am in love with her (the artist and Lilleth)! She is the inspiration for a new song.. "In Jewish folklore, from the satirical book Alphabet of Ben Sira (ca 700–1000 CE) onwards, Lilith appears as Adam's first wife, who was created at the same time (Rosh Hashanah) and from the same dirt as Adam – compare Genesis 1:27. (This contrasts with Eve, who was created from one of Adam's ribs: Genesis 2:22)" wiki wiki wah - love Rubes x

28 August 2016 (Sun 7pm)

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A marine. Taking a nap. After a days worth of fable related research, in her local library... x

26 August 2016 (Fri 12pm)

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25 August 2016 (Thu 8pm)

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s h y

23 August 2016 (Tue 4pm)

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Super nice stuff from Margaret Glaspy and her band...


05 August 2016 (Fri 12pm)

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Oh! now thats a rhythm i can get down to! C x

03 August 2016 (Wed 12pm)

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Just getting our casual wednesday groove on...

24 July 2016 (Sun 10pm)

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myths are half truths, legends are truths.

a myth can be a legend, but a legend is not necessarily a myth.

a myth can be a folktale, but a folktale is not necessarily a myth.

marine songs are a mix of all of this and none of it at the same time.



20 July 2016 (Wed 3pm)

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Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, in east London at Paper Dress Vintage! We'll be playing some very new music, as well as your favourites ;) thanks for the pic BBC Introducing in the West.

19 July 2016 (Tue 12pm)

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Thanks for having us 'The Social' at Larmer Tree Festival last week with special thanks to Nuala :) (photo by Nuala too, from soundcheck)

15 July 2016 (Fri 2pm)

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11 July 2016 (Mon 2pm)

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We had an awesome Saturday at Matthew Herbert's Rural Residency! We played a live set features by NXRecords and it streamed live on NTS Radio! Soundcloud to follow soon... (Photo by NTS Radio)

06 July 2016 (Wed 2pm)

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Happy to announce that we're performing Matthew Herbert's (Accidental Records) Rural Residency this Saturday, and it'll be broadcast live on NTS Radio!

Tune in on Saturday to listen :)

28 June 2016 (Tue 12pm)

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Weaves new album is OUT! We supported these guys not so long ago and they were SICK! Woop! x

27 June 2016 (Mon 1pm)

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Last week at The Victoria. Thanks for the pic The Life and Death :)

22 June 2016 (Wed 9am)

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Tonight we shall play a free gig behind this very bookcase.. Sneak behind these shelves and come slow jam to some fable electric. Totally are on at 830, followed by us, at The Victoria in Dalston xx

21 June 2016 (Tue 3pm)

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it'd sure be swell to see you at our gig tomorrow!
8.30pm at The Victoria, and what...its free?! here is a disturbing toothdance to celebrate! xxx

19 June 2016 (Sun 12pm)

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I can't get enough of this song, so good... Bx

17 June 2016 (Fri 2pm)

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BESTIVAL @ Goldsmiths! Today! Catch us at 6pm! x

17 June 2016 (Fri 12pm)

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Gig tonight merpeeps! We play a FREE show at 6pm outside Goldsmiths University on the PureGold/FameThrowa stage for Bestival @ Goldsmiths! Woop! x

16 June 2016 (Thu 12pm)

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We caught the Oh SO Incredible Nocturne at The Albany Deptford last week and were totally blown away..

Making it even more cool that we'll be performing tomorrow for Bestival at Goldsmiths, University of London with them, Ghostpoet and Rosie Lowe..


Catch us at 6pm on the PureGold Stage and catch Nocturne soon after on the main stage... Photo credit it Laura McCaffery x

15 June 2016 (Wed 3pm)

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"My heart is a machine
and it dares me
to do something" C#

A doodle for Kraken, by Ms Jack x

13 June 2016 (Mon 2pm)

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Awesome news ahoy! We've been asked to join the bill for Bestival at Goldsmiths! We will be playing on the PureGold stage on Friday 17th at 6pm. Huzzah! Marine x

11 June 2016 (Sat 4pm)

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Exciting gig news coming Monday gang! Woop! x

10 June 2016 (Fri 6pm)

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cheers mermaids!

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